Colored Deep Carved Glass – The P-Sitell Technique

Deep carved glasses in color. The P-Sitell technique

Colored glasses that are three-dimensional is now a reality. They are made with a new technique, that I recently developed.


This technique can be used for interior-decorating in different sizes, as well for facades.
In the latter case I have projected the production of a 7 meter facade in cooperation with the smith Stefan Hasselberg of Hasselbergs smide.

If you imagine a facade like a giant stained glass, that carries it´s own light and that the light can change during the day, like the sun, you got the picture.


The shoe designer and producer Crockett & Jones have two signs produced by me and Blomdahls. One inside the shop and one above the entrance of their shop at Humlegårdsgatan 19 in Stockholm. Their shop in Helsingborg will soon have one sign as well.
Below you see the Crockett & Jones signs and some of our testglasses.

Sign Crockett & Jones




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